Case Management services are offered to all people who are participating in the Michelle P Waiver and SCL2 Waiver.  

Case Management is the start to finding all of the services you or your loved one can utilize, through these waiver programs, to help lead a more independent life in our community.  We also advocate for your individualized needs, and promote and monitor a healthy environment for you to thrive, through our networks within our communities.  

We serve clients in many counties, including Jefferson, Oldham, Tremble, Henry, Kenton, Bullitt, Franklin, Fayette, Henderson, Daviess, Hancock, Nelson, Butler, Ohio, Breckenridge, Warren, and Hardin County.  

We are creative.  We think outside the box.  We advocate.  We are passionate.  We put YOU first.  And we help you succeed. 

About KCM + Services

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Kentucky Case Management's mission is to strengthen and promote independence with dignity and respect, by promoting the quality of life for all individuals through supportive services and advocacy.

KCM Mission + Vision

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